Saturday, March 10, 2007


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Smiles...what a beautiful thing. Just a simple smile can brighten up anyone's day. Smile at your friends, teachers, neighbors, EVERYONE! Smiling can even make you a happier person.

When my grandmother visted us awhile ago for a few months, I would sometimes just see her sitting there,on the couch, thinking about all of life's problems. I would always tell her, "Grandmother, please smile. You seems so sad. Just be happy, don't worry." And she would say, "Why smile for no reason? People might think were crazy if they see us just smiling and laughing to ourselves." "It doesn't matter", I would reply with a huge smile on my face. "It really doesn't matter. Just be happy. Smile." And after telling her this day by day, I soon relized that sometimes I would see her, sitting there on that exact same couch, just smiling to herself.
Go ahead, brighten up someone's day or brighten up yours! JUST SMILE!
If you had time to read this and actually learned something from this, just know that you have put a smile on my face. :)




Carol said...

That is a really nice story, Art Puppy.
I am glad you are back blogging!

Artpuppy said...

Thank you, Carol!
I am glad I ma back too! :)

Carol said...

Come on, Art Puppy. Just keep on writing or blogging, whatever.

Artpuppy said...

I can't always blog.
I am really busy, sorry.
So, pleased on't expect me to update my blog everyday. :)